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We ship Australia wide both standard and express, as well as internationally.

If you don’t love it or it doesn’t fit, please get in touch with our awesome customer support team so that we can help you exchange or refund your order. We don’t want any of our customers to be disappointed, so please reach out.

We accept Google Pay, Apple Pay, Paypal, and all major credit cards through our secure payment gateway.

They absolutely can, however, be aware that silicone wedding rings will often stretch over a longer period of time and will eventually need to be replaced. So if you are looking to get emotionally attached to the wedding band that was used during your wedding ceremony, then we suggest getting a metal ring, and then using silicone rings as your everyday rings.

Wedding rings get lost or damaged due to wearing them every day, regardless of what they are made of, so wearing a silicone wedding ring most days actually makes more sense than a more expensive ring, but having a metal ring for the big day and special occasions, while wearing a silicone wedding ring every other day makes the most sense in our opinion.