Uroko 6mm Sapphire Blue Silicone Ring


Uroko, channelling the sapphire blue tone of September, is masterfully designed with a 6mm dome shape and the signature “Uroko” pattern, echoing the serenity and profundity of the sapphire gemstone. Every time you wear it, you’ll be connecting with the calm insight and loyalty synonymous with September.


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More Details About This Silicone Ring

Sapphire Blue Silicone Rings Australia

Uroko โ€“ you resonate with (or seek to embrace) the depth and unwavering wisdom of September’s sapphire allure.

For the September-born souls who desire a reflection of their truth and inner peace, our Uroko flexible silicone ring is your ideal companion, showcasing this hue with both flair and safety.


Benefits of Sapphire Blue: Esteemed for its properties of wisdom, loyalty, and nobility, this colour nurtures a sense of inner peace and depth, making it a treasure for those born in September.
The Perfect Gift: Bestow the virtues of sapphire upon that cherished September-born individual in your life, reminding them they’re as deep and timeless as the night sky.
Celebrate September: Sapphire blue not only embodies loyalty and trust but also kindles clarity and thoughtfulness. One doesn’t need to be born in September to cherish the sapphire essence.


Uroko Pattern: Provides a unique and mesmerising texture, allowing you to shine with distinction.
Deep Sapphire Blue Finish: Reflects September’s birthstone colour, assuring you feel valued and connected.
Breathable & Flexible Design: Offers utmost comfort, enabling you to navigate every moment with grace.
BPA-Free, Food Grade Silicone: Prioritises your safety, encouraging you to wear your true colours with confidence.
Exclusive Helix Logo Engraving: Averts water retention, ensuring your finger remains dry.

* please note that the main image is brighter then the real silicone ring due to the studio jewellery lighting we use for photography. Please refer to campaign images for true colour as these are taken in natural light.

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